Combining the east and west, we will draw on the traditions of ayurveda and western herbalism to assess your inherent constitution – which foods and medicines work best for you, and which don’t. Establishing an understanding of your constitution is the first step in achieving health goal, whether it be to lower stress, sleep better, uncover the root of chronic pain, resolve digestive issues, or to simply fine tune your system to step it up to the next gear.

Many physical features and mental characteristics can inform us the constitution with very great accuracy. To target our constitution with even greater precision, it is requested that a detailed diet journal be kept which includes all forms of intake throughout each day… eating, drinking, smoking, topical applications, etc. This is necessary before recommendation of any herbal remedies. Upon completion of a diet journal comprising two weeks, dietary recommendations will be given. Depending upon the intended health goal, there may be opportunity to incorporate certain herbs to help facilitate the change in diet.

After two weeks of strict adherence to the recommended dietary and herbal regimen, our third assessment will allow space for herbal formulation to more directly target the health goal or complication one is facing.

With all of these steps, in conjunction with any recommended lifestyle changes, progress can ensue. It is critical to consider that our body and mind are one cohesive system. This is often overlooked factor can be a key to unlocking greater ease in managing the state of your body, mind, and spirit.